Drill Sergeant Simulator

Pushing the boundaries of HCI. Hands & Face gesture interpretation. Natural language control.

Drill Sergeant Simulator WON the 2nd prize in the games category of the Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge.

Reactive Systems

  • Concept

    Reactive systems integrate intelligent software, machine vision and smart devices (IoT) into a system (AI) that is able to behave in accordance to the user's presence, commands or even physical state, taking human-computer interaction to a new level.

  • A reactive system for games: Drill Sergeant Simulator

    Drill Sergeant Simulator is a 3D immersive experience where the user steps into a computer generated military training boot-camp and takes the role of the drill sergeant. Using Intel® RealSense™ Technology, the simulation's AI is able to virtually "see" and understand hand gestures, recognize facial expression and voice commands. The user can use his hands to interact naturally with soldiers or static virtual objects such as light switches or punching bags. Furthermore, the soldiers' AI allow the user to "speak" to them, ask questions and issue orders.


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